Quartz countertops are one of the latest and greatest synthetic countertop materials. This material is composed of pulverized waste rock plus resins for hardness and binding. Thus, quartz countertops are not solid slabs of quartz mineral but instead are an engineered stone product. Many quartz counters have antibacterial agents added. Quartz is rapidly overcoming solid-surface material as a convincing alternative to natural stone for countertops.

These are very beautiful countertops due to the inclusion of quartz crystals and other natural minerals.
Quartz countertops are highly sought after, creating high resale value in a home.
Many different colors and styles are available.
These countertops are more durable and less susceptible to scratching than a solid surface.
Quartz countertops are exceedingly heavy.
Quartz countertops are quite expensive—on a par with natural granite.
Must be installed only be experienced installers. There is no DIY option.

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